Emergency Lighting

In every commercial establishment, office, and workplace, the presence of functioning emergency lighting is essential. In fact, it is required by the law to keep them operational at all times.

Installation of emergency lighting in offices

Emergency lighting and exit signs serve a very important purpose. The sole objective of exit lights is to assist occupants out of a building, in the case of an emergency.  Our technicians can assist with the initial set up and all ongoing testing of your exit and emergency signs.

Starpoint Electrical Services qualified electricians carry out scheduled maintenance work. In accordance with the Australian Standards AS2293.1-2005 mainteance inspections are carried out at least twice per annum.

Our emergency lighting services include:

  • Emergency lighting installation
  • Providing the best energy-saving lighting bulbs and products
  • Ensuring overall safety and functionality
  • Regular check-up and maintenance

Exit & Emergency Lighting Tests should be carried out twice a year by an electrician. However, if a fault is identified at any time, during routine electrical maintenance, it must be rectified immediately.

If you want to have your emergency lighting repaired, replaced, or maintained today, just give us a call. Expect to experience top-notch service from Starpoint Electrical Services.

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