Pool Electrical Repairs

In Brisbane a Pool is a wonderful addition to a family home, but when there are electrical problems all the fun goes away.

Call us at Starpoint Electrical Services to discuss any problems that you may have with your pumps, heaters or Pool Lighting.

Spa Electrical Repairs

Pools, Hot tubs and spas have many main parts that contribute to the overall successful running of the spa. If one main part of the hot tub or the spa is broken then it is common for the entire thing to not work. Each part within the hot tub and spa plays a role that is dependent on the other parts. If one part stops working a domino effect of other problems may occur.

Spa Heaters

One of the main parts of a hot tub or a spa is the heater and the heater elements. The heaters work to warm the spa or hot tub to the desired temperatures of your choice. If the heaters or heater elements stop working then the hot tub or spa is useless. The whole point of a hot tub or spa is to provide warm relaxing water for people to soak in. This is why the heating devices used in these spas are so important to how they work and function. So if your Spa is not heating call us at Starpoint Electrical Services.

Spa Pumps

Another important part to a hot tub or spa is the pumps and the pump components. Spa pumps are so important to the hot tub and the spa because they are what keep the hot tub and spa running properly. If a pump is broken or leaking this can contaminate the water and also drain the water. The pumps are the devices that circulate the water through the hot tub or spa. If the pump does not work then the water will not circulate. This can result in a hot tub or spa with no water in it.

pool Spa electrical repairs

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