Sensor Security Lighting

Security lighting is often used to deter trespassing and other criminal activities on a property. They aim to do this by accomplishing the following:

  • Improving the level of illumination and safety for security personnel
  • Supporting other security systems (i.e. cameras)
  • Improving the likelihood of identifying intruders either in person or on video tape

Here at Starpoint Electrical Services, Brisbane electricians, we offer security lighting installation services designed to cover these and more areas.

Types of security lighting we offer

Here are a few security lighting solutions and options we offer our clients:

  • Garage door lamps
  • Doorway lamps
  • Timed lighting
  • Motion-triggered lighting
  • Solar flood lights
  • Fluorescent exterior security lights

Lighting – it’s what we do!

Clause of the AS3000 (a body of rules governing workmanship in the electrical industry) allows companies of our nature to perform installation and service on electrical devices classified as ‘lighting points.’

As such, lighting has been a staple of our company’s services since our inception in 1982.

Thus, you can rest assured in knowing that your security lighting needs are in good hands.

Solutions designed for you

Some people simply want a security lighting system that provides them with security and reassurance as they enter their home at night. Other clients, such as bar owners, are required by their insurance companies to have security lighting installed on their property.

Whatever your needs may be, we guarantee that we’ve got a solution for you here at Starpoint Electrical Services. Contact us to receive an on-site assessment and quote. We look forward to helping you with all your security lighting needs.

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